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Affiliate Marketing Program Policies Al Delta

The terms "we," "us," or "our" refer to Delta Company. While the terms "you," "your," "user," "customer," or "affiliate" refer to any individual or entity accepting this agreement. It should be noted that this agreement does not grant any rights or benefits to a third party.

Al Delta Company reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to change or modify this agreement and any associated policies or agreements at any time.

 The publication of these changes or modifications on the Delta website (the site) is immediately effective.

When you use this website or the services provided therein after any changes or modifications have been implemented, it signifies your acceptance of the new agreement.

 If you do not agree with the amended agreement, it is advisable not to use this website or the services provided therein.

Additionally, you may be notified of changes via email. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly update your account information to ensure receipt of any notifications. Al Delta Company isn’t responsible for not receiving notifications due to an incorrect or outdated email address.


As a subsidiary of Delta Company, you are required to comply with the following points:

3.1- Providing Accurate Information:

You are requested to provide accurate account information and bear full responsibility for keeping this information updated.

 This includes contact details, payment details, tax information, URLs of websites where Delta Company is promoted, sources of traffic, marketing methods used, and any other requested information.

3.2- Request for Additional Information:

Delta Company reserves the right to request additional information about the websites where Delta Company is promoted and the marketing practices employed.

3.3. Account Updates:

Your interactions with customers should be conducted in good faith, and customers with a good reputation joining hosting services through your links should be referred.

3.4. Compliance with Terms:

You are required not to use any marketing tactics that may result in revenue loss for Delta Company. Modifying or changing any promotional content for Delta Company is prohibited without written approval.

3.5. Non-Violations:

You must not violate any applicable laws and adhere to business ethics. Promotion or encouragement of violence or discrimination against any entity is prohibited.

3.6. Customer Verification:

It is essential to verify that referred customers have a good reputation and meet the terms of service.

3.7. Referral Practices:

Self-referral methods are prohibited, and clicking on your own links is not allowed. The use of VPN services to make purchases through the affiliate link is considered a violation.

3.8. Compliance with Program Requirements:

Compliance with affiliate program requirements and not violating the agreement is mandatory. Delta Company reserves the right to terminate cooperation and suspend the account in case of a breach of terms.

3.9. Notice of Changes:

You are required to stay informed about updates and changes to the agreement, and regularly update your account information.

4- Use of Promotional Materials:

4.1. Approved Promotional Materials:

The use of any materials not approved by Delta Company on your affiliate site for advertising is prohibited.

Approved promotional materials refer to the materials available in your affiliate area and may contain trademarks and logos of Delta Company.

4.2. License to Access Promotional Materials:

By signing this agreement, you are granted a non-exclusive, limited, and non-transferable license to access, download, and publish approved promotional materials on your website.

This license is solely to promote websites managed, controlled, and owned by Delta Company.

4.3. Agreement Termination and License Withdrawal:

In the event of termination of the partnership agreement by any party, your non-exclusive, limited, and non-transferable license to access approved promotional materials are automatically and immediately withdrawn.

4.4. Retention of Property Rights:

No ownership rights are transferred to you under this license, and all intellectual property rights for affiliate materials remain the exclusive property of Delta Company.

4.5. Compliance with Instructions:

You must adhere to the instructions provided by Delta Company regarding the use of promotional materials.

4.6. Updates and Modifications:

You are required to regularly review promotional materials for updates or modifications and comply with them according to guidelines issued by Delta Company.

4.7. Fair Use:

Promotional materials should be used in a manner that positively reflects the reputation of Delta Company and aligns with its values and principles.

4.8. Modification Abstention:

Modification or alteration of promotional materials without obtaining prior written approval from Delta Company is prohibited.

Inappropriate Advertising Methods:

Unacceptable Advertisements:

The use of any illegal or unwanted advertising methods, such as spam emails and placing links in forums and message boards, is strictly prohibited.

Pay-Per-Click and Impressions Campaigns:

The use of pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns to advertise keywords containing the brand "Delta Company" without prior approval is prohibited.

Copyright Violating Content:

The use of non-unique content that violates copyright laws to promote Delta Company is not allowed.

Suspicious Traffic:

The use of traffic generated through pay-to-read, pay-per-click, logo exchange, PPV ads, or pop-under/overlay ads is prohibited.

Unauthorized Offers and Discounts:

Offering cashback, rewards, or any other type of incentives for sales without our prior approval is prohibited.

Explicit Material:

Having obscene, indecent, illegal, or pornographic materials on your websites is prohibited.

Image Distortion:

Using advertising materials, promotional content, or trademarks in a way that negatively affects the image of Delta Company is not allowed.

Concealment and Manipulation Techniques:

The use of iframe frames or any other techniques that obscure your tracking cookie in unauthorized ways is prohibited.

Deceptive Domain Features:

The presence of keywords or phrases containing the brand "Delta Company" in the domain name or company name without prior approval is prohibited.

Modification of Advertising Materials:

Modifying promotional materials without obtaining prior written approval from Delta Company is not allowed.

Verification of Promotional Methods:

Delta Company reserves the right to assess the appropriateness of any promotional method, and the use of inappropriate advertising methods may result in a warning, suspension, or termination of the affiliate account.


Minimum Withdrawal Limits:

The minimum withdrawal amount via PayPal is $25 or the equivalent in Egyptian pounds or other approved currencies within the Delta website.

Minimum Withdrawal Limits for Bank Transfer:

The minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfer is $100 or the equivalent in Egyptian pounds or other approved currencies within the Delta website.

Bank Transfer Processing Time:

Please note that bank transfer payments typically take 3 to 7 business days to be processed.

Commission Issuance Timing:

Commission payments can be automatically issued upon the registration of your customers in one of our services.